An e-statement is the best option for members to review their regular Image of laptop computerstatements. This free service lets you view your statement from the moment they become available, usually the 1st of the month. Plus, e-statements are much safer since they cannot be stolen from your mailbox or get lost in the mail. This also saves you filing space, since the system will archive up to 18 statements, allowing you to look back to older statements when you need to.

To sign up for e-statements, you must be enrolled in home banking system. you will need to log into home banking, click on “Your preferences”. Then click on “e-statement selection” and choose “Electronic”. Click yes to save settings and you are all set.

If you choose to continue with paper statements, a $2.00 paper statement fee will be assessed for each statement. the $2.00 fee will be deducted from the primary share account.

*$2.00 Paper Statement Fee will be assessed each statement starting in September 2017 for members who are over 18 and under 65 years of age and are receiving paper statements.

Home Banking Instructions & Enrollment

E-Statements Information and Enrollment