flyer for Golen Egg Loan Promotion

*Chances of receiving a rate of 0% is 1 in 100. Odds for other discounts can be found at Credit is not guaranteed an application must be submitted and approved for any loan. Rate discount is taken off the rate a member qualifies for. The low as rate and payments shown above are based on excellent credit with the illustrated coupon. Your rate and payment may differ and will depend on your credit history and the selected discount. Auto loan payments illustrated assume maximum term illustrated and with a minimum deposit of 20% of the vehicle’s value. Mortgage loans, Visa, Lines of credit are not eligible for this promotion. The promotion is also for “New Money Only” refinanced credit union loans are not eligible. Rates are subject to change without notice and the promotion can be cancelled at the discretion of the credit union at any time.

**5.75% balance transfer rate is for balances transferred from other institutions only and remain in effect until the transfer amount is paid in full. Transfers may not exceed the credit limit a member is approved for. All purchases and cash advances are charged at the rate you are approved for. See for current rates or call the credit union at (914) 946-6200.