Image of Surf's Up Summer Loan-Receive a Visa® Gift card of up to #$200


*All loan rates are based upon member’s credit worthiness at the time of application. Low as rate and payments shown above assume excellent credit for term shown, your actual rate and payment may differ. Auto loan payments (new & used) assume an LTV of 80% or less (20% or greater deposit). Your actual rate and payment will be disclosed when your application is approved. E & G VISA gift card promotion applies to loans over $2,500 “New Money”. Refinanced credit union loans are excluded unless it includes the addition of $2,500 or more “New Money” and card amount is based on amount new money borrowed. If it is an add on to an existing loan, the entire balance will be recalculated at the prevailing rate. This is not a guarantee of credit, an application for credit is required. All rates are subject to change without notice. Mortgage loans, Visa credit cards, overdraft LOC and share secure loans are excluded from this offer. See for current rates or call the credit union at (914) 946-6200.