Covid-19 Update-April 10, 2020

Updated: 4/10/2020

Dear Members,

As the pandemic continues to take grasp of society as we have known it, your credit union has continued to operate as an essential business on behalf of our member-owners.

We are here for you! 

We have taken steps to protect our employees and members by dividing our staff into two teams, each rotating on a daily basis here in Hartsdale from 9am-4pm daily. 

We appreciate your continued patience!

Our lending team continues to assist our membership with their borrowing needs. You can easily apply for a loan online at We have recently lowered our auto loan rates to their lowest levels in almost ten years, so if you are in the market for a car, now is the time to take advantage of lower financing costs. We also offer low-cost insurance protection products for your car loan. Ask a lending team member for details.

For members who need additional loan payment relief, we are offering a skip-a-payment program. You can review the requirements, and apply online.

Click for Skip A Payment Application

In the interest of our shared safety, members are encouraged to do their banking remotely with our online and phone banking services. 

Your credit union will remain open during regular business hours listed above,, and you may contact us by phone for assistance. You can also continue to utilize the many methods available to conduct transactions remotely as indicated in the earlier email. All electronic services will remain operational during this time. If you do not already have access to home banking, enrollment is conveniently available online: OnLine Banking Self Enrollment
Home banking is available 24/7, and can easily be accessed on any mobile device, in addition to your home computer. Our audio response system is also available 24/7 by calling (914) 946-9218

Of course, you can also use your debit and credit cards to access your available funds, pay for goods and services, or to access cash at an ATM. We offer our members surcharge free ATM withdrawals through our partnership with COOP ATM. You can visit  SURCHARGE FREE/DEPOSITORY ATM Search Link to search for an ATM most convenient to you. 

I wish to remind you that if you need to make a non-electronic deposit, you may continue to do so by using a depository ATM available through the COOP ATM network. You can visit use the link above to search for an ATM most convenient to you, should the need arise. You can search specifically for depository ATMs using this online tool. Using this same ATM search tool, you can easily locate over 50,000 ATMs across the country for your cash needs. These ATMs are surcharge-free to you, E&G members! We continue to stand ready to assist our membership as it faces the many challenges presented by this global pandemic. We will continue to monitor this situation, and will evaluate the need to maintain this status on a daily basis. We hope to return to normal status as soon as it is deemed safe to do so, for the benefit of our members and employees. 

I will continue to communicate with all of you on a regular basis, through email and on our website:

Thank you for your patience. We are in this together.

Garrett R. GizowskiCEO