Good Afternoon E&G Membership,

I am pleased to let you know that our Hartsdale office will be opening on Monday, June 22, to in-person lobby transactions. The branch lobby schedule will resume to normal operating status.

Please, upon entering the credit union, follow the instructions on signs placed throughout the credit union to ensure member and employee safety. I wish to point out that, per state orders, all members entering the credit union will be required to wear a face covering – there will be no exceptions allowed. 

Final plans are being made to open the Mount Vernon office as soon as late next week. I will send out another communication when the date is selected.

I want to thank the entire E&G membership for their patience throughout these early stages of the pandemic. Our staff did an impressive job meeting member needs and, as essential workers, have been committed to meeting those needs by continuing their dedicated work since the pandemic started.

Together, this entire organization worked as a single team to get us through what I hope are the most challenging stages of the pandemic.

Garrett R. GizowskiCEO