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Q: What is the routing number I can used in setting up automatic payments or for my employer / government agency to use to access my credit union account?
A: Our routing number to provide other institutions is 221977035.

Q: How do I sign up for Electronic Statements?
A: To use E-Statements you must first be signed up for home banking, since you have to be logged into home banking to make these active. Click here for full instructions.

Q: I am having difficulty logging into home banking. What is the correct way to log in?
A: This occurs from time to time and often it is because an improper user name or password is being used. (If you have entered the wrong password more than three times the system will lock you out. Please call us to unlock you if this occurred.)  If you are not locked out please try using these steps:
a.1.    Enter the user name; this is your account number or "egefcu" immediately followed by your account number (depending on when you enrolled in the service).
a.2.    Enter your Password/Pin; this is the password you set up the first time you logged onto home banking or if this is your first time it is the unique password we sent you in the mail.
a.3.    If you are at a computer other than home or one notated as a private computer, you will be required to answer one of the questions you selected when you first enrolled. (If the system is asking a question you did not select, chances are you have entered your user name incorrectly-please remember this is always your account number.)
a.4.    Once you have taken the above steps you should be successfully logged in.

Q: Can I change the pin number I use for my Visa® Debit Card?
A: Yes, you may change it currently at any of our three ATM machines (Hartsdale and Mt. Vernon). In the near future you will be able to change it using any touch tone phone; please check back for this update.

Q: I have to have a checking account to have a Visa® Debit Card but can I access my savings using this card as well?
A: Yes, you can access both accounts at ATMs, but point of sale purchases at any retailer are automatically deducted from your checking account and not savings.

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