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I understand this coupon may be used for Vehicle, Share Secured, Debt Consolidation and/or Signature Loans only, at a cost of $20 per skipped payment.

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All requests to skip a payment must be approved by the loan department. By e-signing this application you agree to amend the terms of your original loan agreement and to repay the entire unpaid balance and accrued interest. You also agree and understand that this agreement may increase or extend the maturity date for your loan, which may cause an increase in the total interest paid on your loan. To be eligible for this special offer, all credit union accounts must be in good standing. Skip-A-Loan payment coupon must be received by no later than date indicated below for each payment month. Offer available for auto, signature, debt consolidation and share secured loans only. Offer NOT available for mortgages, Visa, No Credit Check, or Overdraft LOC. You may only skip one monthly payment per eligible loan.

Return by end of previous month. ie. Oct 31 for November payment

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