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E&G Home Banking


Could not get any easier? E&G EFCU’s home banking service allows you to manage your credit union accounts 24/7 from any computer with an internet connection. Signing up is quick and straightforward, and allows you to:

  • Check your balances
  • Make payments on your credit union loans
  • Transfer money between credit union accounts (savings, checking, E&G loan accounts, etc.)
  • Check your account history and activity
  • View statements in home banking (if signed up for e-statements).

How Do I Enroll in Home banking?

Enroll NOW Online! 

Simply click the Enroll Now Link beneath the Log In button and you can enroll right away or if you prefer, you may call or stop by and have one of our member service representatives enroll you. They will enroll you and mail you a unique user name & temporary password for your account.

Let’s Review the steps to enroll Now online.

1) Click on the Enroll Now Link and then read the disclosure and click the  agree button. 

2) Next fill in the required information User name must be at least 8 characters and Password must be between 8-12 characters. Password must contain at least one letter, one number and one special character (%,!, @ etc.) and cannot contain your name, account number or ss#.

(please note that the information you enter must match the information we have on our system. Also note that a current email address is required and must match what we have on record for you. It is very important to keep your information up to date)


Do I Need to Enroll in the Multi-Factor Authentication right Away??


The MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) protocol can be delayed for a brief time but is very important for keeping your account safe. This is a multi-layer protection helping insure you are4 where you expect to be and have not been redirected to another site.


1) Then the system will ask you to select a personal image. You will see this image every time you come to the password page, to safe guard are in our secure site.

2) Next, you will be prompted to enter a personal phrase. This can be anything you like (i.e. I love My Dog Spot). Again, this is another layer of security for you, insuring you have not been redirected to a fake page.

3) You will be asked to set up a series of 3 challenge questions that only you will know how you answered. In the drop down select the question you would like the system to ask and then type in the answer. You will need to set up all 3 challenge questions. On the same page, be sure to check off if the computer you are using is a personal computer (home) or public (work, library, etc.). If the system does not recognize the computer as a personal computer when logging into your account it will automatically ask you one of the challenge questions to further insure your security.


I Set Up Online (called or stopped in) and Have My User Name and Password How Do I Log On?

Let’s walk through the steps together.

1) Enter the user name in the box on our home page. (Please note if you called or stopped by for a representative to set up home banking your user name will be your account number or "egefcu" immediately followed by your account number depending on when we enrolled you. This is notated on the letter you receive. If you enrolled online your user name will be whatever you decided when enrolling).

2) When you arrive at the password page please enter the password you received created or received in the mail from us. (Please note that this is case sensitive so be sure to enter it exactly as it is printed on the letter you received. In addition, if we have mailed your password you will be required to change it to one of your choosing the first time you log on this will be your new password from this time forward unless you reset it or choose to change it)

3) If you are at a public computer you will be asked one of your 3 challenge questions

E&G Home Banking Offers Multi-Layer Security

Your security in using this convenient service is essential, thus our system is secured by a complex multi-factor authentication process.


Your Password

The password you choose is the first level of defense in securing your account information.
You may change this password at any time and as often as you wish. Three (3) incorrect entries of your password will lock your home banking account, for your protection. If this occurs call either of our branches during regular business hours.

Your Personal Image

This is a personal image you choose when you enroll in home banking. This is an additional layer of defense to ensure that you truly are at your home banking page. You may change this image anytime and as often as you wish.

Your Personal Phrase


This is a personal you make up (i.e. I Love My Cat Felix). This is an additional layer of protection to again make sure you are at your home banking page and not a replica.


Your Personal Challenge Questions

When you first set up your home banking preferences you will be asked to select and provide answers for three (3) challenge questions (i.e. What is your mother’s maiden name?). 
These challenge questions will be asked anytime you are at a computer that the home banking system does not recognize as your home (private) computer.

Your Protection is Key

This multi-layer protection is designed to provide our members the highest level of protection. This is key to our mission to provide members the highest level of convenience while keeping their information safe.


I Forgot My Password What Can I Do?


If you have forgotten your password, you may enter your username and click log in. When arriving at the password page click the “Forgot My Password link. You will be asked several personal questions for security and then will be brought to a password reset page. You cannot repeat a previously used password for 1 year (365 days).


I Have Been Locked Out What Do I Do?


If you have been locked out of the system, you will need to call either of our locations during business hours to have your account unlocked.


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