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E&G EFCU’s CU Money Refillable Debit Card offers you — or members of your family — the ultimate in safety and control.

You decide how much money you want on the card, then use it at any retailer that accepts VISA®, or at any ATM machine. It’s more convenient than carrying cash or writing checks, and there’s no interest to pay!

You can log into at any time to track your balance, your spending or to load additional funds. Since the debit card is not connected to any of your accounts, your credit union accounts are protected — whether you are away, shopping online, or ordering products over the phone.

All of this convenience is yours for only $3.50 per reusable card and $1.75 for each month you maintain a balance. If there is no balance on your card there is no monthly fee charged.
The refillable debit card is great for:

  • Kids away at college
  • Online shopping
  • Vacations and traveling
  • Keeping your spending in line