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Importance of Strong Passwords

Creating A Strong Password

Image of wallet, cards and a lock on top of a keyboardExperts say that you should have a different password for each of your accounts, so if a password is compromised it would not affect all of your accounts. In addition your passwords should contain a minimum of 8 characters or more but the more characters the better (14 or more would be best). You should also mix character types (letters, numbers and special characters like %&* etc.) and alternate upper and lower case letters.

Change Your Password Periodically

You should also consider changing your password periodically (every 3 months or more often). This makes your passwords a moving target and makes them much harder for scammers to compromise.

How Would I Possibly Remember My Password?

This is the tough part, keeping track of your passwords. There are certainly ways to create these passwords in a way that you will easily remember. For example perhaps you can use the first 3 letters of the website account (Yahoo) in lowercase followed by your dog’s name (SPOT) in uppercase separated by special characters (Characters above first 4 numbers) and followed by the year you were born (1949). This could look like [email protected]#T$1949 which produces a password 15 characters long with 4 special characters. This would be easy to remember and be different for each account.

You could also create a list and keep it in a safe and secure place.

A strong password goes a long way in helping you keep your identity safe!

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