Save Time & Money By Keeping Your Account Active

It is important not allow your credit union account to go dormant.

Keeping you account active is as simple as making a single deposit or withdrawal of any amount at least once every 11 months. That is all there is too it! By following this very simple practice you avoid your account going dormant and incurring quarterly dormancy fees.

In addition, if an account is dormant for 3 years we are required, by state law to remit the funds in that account to the state as abandoned property. So if you have a savings account with E&G, or any other institution, following this one simple rule and it will save you both time and money.

How can I join the credit union?

Joining is so easy and by simply keeping $25 in your savings account opens to you all of the benefits of membership. You may join if you are employed by one of our 41 sponsor employer groups, if a family member is a potential member/member or someone within your household is a potential member/member.



If you would like more information on membership click to download our MEMBERSHIP BROCHURE


Is my family eligible to join the credit union?

Yes, your family is eligible to join and we welcome you to invite them to join our family.

To join E&G EFCU, you need to be:

  1. An employee or retiree of any of our sponsor employer groups. CLICK FOR LIST
  2. A family member of an existing member
. (The definition of a family member is a spouse, child, sibling, parent, grandparent, and grandchild.)
  3. A family member of a potential member. (The definition of a potential member is anyone who works for one of the groups below but is not currently a member.)
  4. Any person (related or not) living within an existing member’s household.
  5. Any person (related or not) living within a potential member’s household.


How do I sign up for E-Statements?

Setting up E-Statements is easy and convenient.

Your statements are not emailed but are available within the Home Banking System. So, if you are not enrolled in Home Banking That would be the first step.



Once you are logged into home banking you can easily set up e-statement selection in “Your Preferences”.

  1. Log onto Virtual Branch (home banking).
  2. Click on “Your Preferences” on the left side of the page.
  3. Click on “e-Statement Selection” on the bottom right.
  4. Click on Drop-Down Box where it reads US Mail and Select “Electronic”.
  5. Print and Read the Disclosure Information.
  6. The system will ask: “You have changed your Statement settings to: View

regular statements electronically. Do you want to save these settings?” Click on the “Yes” Button to save the settings and enroll in e-Statements.




Can I enroll in Home Banking anytime?

Yes, you can enroll in our Home Banking System anytime you choose day or night.

Enrollment Instructions


When you enroll you will be asked questions regarding information on your account (Account Number, SS#, Date of Birth, Email Address, Zip Code).  Please note that the information entered must match what we have on file to successfully move on to selecting a User ID and Password.

Enroll Now



What do I need to do when I change my address?

When you change any of your contact information it is vital you let us know, so we are able to reach you with any issues that may arise on your account. The contact information to update for us include: mailing address, phone numbers and email address.

To change your address please complete and sign a change of address form and return it to us. can be submitted right online by clicking below.




How do I set up automatic deposits from my employer?

If you work for one of our groups we are happy to contact the payroll department to set up the automatic deposits as per your request. If you don’t work for one of our groups or prefer to set it up yourself with payroll you will need the following information:

Our Routing/Transit Number      221977035

Your Account number (found on your statement or the card we provided you). Your should indicate if you wish the deposit to be made into your savings or checking account

You can also provide a voided check to payroll which will provide the information they need (see image below)