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Setting up E-Statements is easy and convenient.

Your statements are not emailed but are available within the Home Banking System. So, if you are not enrolled in Home Banking That would be the first step.



Once you are logged into home banking you can easily set up e-statement selection in “Your Preferences”.

  1. Log onto Virtual Branch (home banking).
  2. Click on “Your Preferences” on the left side of the page.
  3. Click on “e-Statement Selection” on the bottom right.
  4. Click on Drop-Down Box where it reads US Mail and Select “Electronic”.
  5. Print and Read the Disclosure Information.
  6. The system will ask: “You have changed your Statement settings to: View

regular statements electronically. Do you want to save these settings?” Click on the “Yes” Button to save the settings and enroll in e-Statements.




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