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The maximum term for a loan for a “NEW AUTO” with E&G EFCU is 84 months. If the loan is for a “USED AUTO” the maximum term is 72 months.

Any automobile with a model year which is the same as the current year and one-year prior is considered “New”. (i.e. In 2018 any vehicle with a 2018 or 2017 model is considered new, even if previously titled)

Any vehicle with a model year, 3 or more years prior to the current year is considered “Used” (i.e. In2018 any vehicle with a 2016 model year or older is considered used)

In either case a loan officer will discuss what your desired monthly payment would be and tailor a term to best accommodate your desired payment, as long as it is equal or less than the maximum allowed term for the loan type.

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