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You may borrow for any reason at E&G EFCU. There are three (3) main types of loans we offer:

  1. Personal Loans-Are unsecured loans based on your credit and signature, as long as you qualify. The maximum amount you may borrow using for this type of loan is $30,000 and you may take up to 84 months to repay.
  2. Auto Loans- Borrow allow you to borrow up to 120% for New Vehicles and up to 100% for used. It is based on MSRP for new vehicles and NADA book value for used vehicles. The maximum you can borrow using a vehicle loan is $50,000 and you may take up to 84 months to repay on a new autos and 72 months on a used.

Share Secured Loans-You may borrow any amount you wish for up to 7 years using a share secured loan. This loan is secured by funds already on deposit with us. There is no credit check,

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